My neighbours have demanded to use MY parking space because I don’t drive – it’s so rude, so I’m making the most of it | The Sun

WHEN you are about to embark on a renovation project, it can be considerate to apologise to neighbours if there will be any disruption.

But one woman was left annoyed after her neighbours went a step further and asked if they could take over the use of her parking spot to use as a “dumping ground” for waste.

The woman took to Mumsnet to explain how the neighbours live one road away from her but spotted that she had an empty parking space by her home.

She explained: "The neighbours from a street over are having work done and come round to knock to ask if they could use our parking space for dumping ground for building materials while they have an extension built.

"We don't use the space as we don't drive, but I am worried about it taking longer than the two weeks they have said it would be needed for, and setting a precedent that it can be used because we do not have a car.

"The space is behind our house backing onto the garden. I am worried about rubble, dust, rats and noise as well as constantly being overlooked by builders."

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She said that her initial reaction is to not grant her neighbours permission as it could set a “precedent" for the future.

However, the woman said that she is a bit torn as her husband suggested the neighbours could use the space but for a fee.

She added: "My husband says we should let them as we aren't using it and consider charging them a fee."

Many people were divided over the dilemma. 

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Some said that she should allow them to use the parking space, with one saying: "The decent thing to do is let them use your space. Be a good person."

Another added: "Well you shouldn't get rats if it's building materials and not food waste. I would charge a fee, personally."

However, some agreed with her reaction in saying “no”.

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One person commented: "I would not agree to the building materials being stored in my parking space. 

“Just feels like it could end up making a mess or being a bother and I wouldn't want to get into a tangle with the neighbour over it."

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