My husband told me I ruined his Christmas because I didn’t get him the most expensive thing on his list

THE HOLIDAYS are often a stressful time for everyone – and one woman felt it despite doing everything she could to make Christmas the best day it could be this year.

She claimed her husband yelled at her for not buying him a good enough gift, even though she bought him nearly $200 sneakers.

In an anonymous post to Reddit, the woman described what led up to the troubling argument she had with her husband over her apparent lackadaisical gift-giving.

She said that she and her husband both used to work to support their household, but she came down with “medical problems” that prevented her from holding a job.

Therefore, she takes care of the house while her husband makes the money for their family.

“As a result, I don't have what they call fun money or money to spend however I want,” the poster wrote. 

“My husband gives me money only to spend on the house or the kids but that's that.

“I might borrow money here and there or try to figure something out if I needed essential stuff like hygiene products,” she added.

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Come Christmastime, the woman said her husband gave her $600 as a Christmas present – not $600 to go Christmas shopping with – but she “freaked out” and decided she needed to get her husband something super special.

“So I went shopping and got him the most affordable thing on his wish-list which was a $180 dollar pair of sneakers with his favorite color,” she recalled.

“I didn't show him the gift until we visited his parents' house for Christmas and when it was time for gift opening he opened the gift, saw the sneakers, and looked extremely, extremely upset like he was about to blow up.”

When the woman asked her husband what was wrong, he “lashed out” and said the $600 he gave her was “about the right price for a new gaming console” and reminded her it was the first thing on his Christmas list.

The woman was immediately mortified, as the husband yelled at her in front of his parents.

“It was so so awkward I felt so horrible I wanted to disappear,” she noted.

“But I apologized and said I was sorry but I had other stuff I needed to buy and [the] money wasn't enough. 

“He took it as in I was blaming him for not giving me enough money and picked an argument with me about how wasteful and financially irresponsible I am otherwise I wouldn't be struggling with money for long.”

The woman tried to reason with her husband that he could purchase the console himself if he really wanted it, but he disagreed.

She noted that his parents tried to calm the situation down, but her husband told her out loud that he was “disappointed” in her and that she “ruined Christmas” for him.

He didn’t speak to her the rest of the night until he started arguing with her again once they returned home.

The woman pointed out that she needed the money to shop for family members – including their own children – but the husband would not accept any other viewpoint and demanded an apology. 

In the final lines of her post, the wife wondered if she was in the wrong – and the internet assured her she wasn’t. 

“So he technically gave her nothing for Christmas because the money he gave her was really just supposed to be for his own gift,” one user pointed out. 

“I was absolutely mortified reading this post," another reader commented.

“You are a stay-at-home mom and it's one of the hardest jobs there is and it's 24/7 with no vacation.

“If I was his mother I'd kick him out of the house the moment he reacted that way.”

“He’s taking advantage of your disability too. You can’t work— he knows you rely on him,” a third user noted.

Several others suggested that the poster should start saving money every chance she gets so she isn’t reliant on her husband, while others said she should leave her husband.

The original poster did not give an update to the situation, but she may find comfort in the fact that she has so much support behind her. 

She, unfortunately, is far from the only person to feel disappointed during the holidays. 

One mother vented to the internet about the fact that her husband gave their son his most expensive Christmas present early.

"I don't have a lot of money to keep replacing gifts [and] at this rate my little one will have nothing left to open on Christmas Day,” she wrote. 

Another person said her boyfriend threatened to dump her after she gifted him a Nintendo Switch that she had won.

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