My baby is six years old, and he gets up at six every day to cook for himself, do housework and then go to school

HOW many six-year-olds do you know that do EVERYTHING for themselves before school in the morning?

In a Tiktok, which has 26.3 million views, a six-year-old boy shows his morning routine, from waking to his alarm, cleaning his clothes, cooking his breakfast, washing up – the list is endless.

In the 1 minute 35 second video, the child wakes at 6am to his alarm in his double bed, turns on the electric fire, picks out his clothes and steam cleans them.

Posted to @Shopping666 who wrote: "My baby is six years old, and he gets up at six every day to cook for himself, do housework and then go to school."

Then he empties the dust from his clothes into a technologically advanced bin before getting dressed.

The little boy then unfolded his step stool so he could reach the sink to brush his teeth with a device with sits inside his entire jaw, covering every tooth at once.


He then opened a pack of toilet tissues, put them in the dispenser, closed it and took one from the dispenser to wipe his face.

Next he opened his large mirror fridge, took out two eggs, pulled out a draw of grains and put them in a blender like device to 'cook' them.

He then hard-boiled his eggs on a large cooking table before setting out his breakfast of gyoza, boiled eggs and tea on warmed plates.

After eating, he washed up his cup and put his bowls in a table-top dishwasher.

The morning Tiktok even showed him going to the loo, cleaning the bowl afterwards and then even squeegeeing the shower.

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He then washed his hands, laid out a rug and did a load of washing.

Next he vacuumed his bed, threw out the dust in the machine and brushed and swept the living room floor.

The busy boy then wheeled over a foot spa for his mother and put her feet in it as she sat on the sofa.

He put trainers upside down on a shoe drying device and polished the sole.

The final shot shows the boy leaving the house dressed for school with his backpack and a bag of rubbish to take to the bins outside.

The video is captioned: "My baby is six years old, and he gets up at six every day to cook for himself, do housework and then go to school."

Commenters and fellow parents were shocked at the kids impressive independence whilst some felt encouraged by his motivation.

The child came across as mature for his age as one commenter wrote: "So he’s ready to move out."

"He is much more mature than I am more than twice his age," said another.

While a fellow parent bargained, saying: "I'll trade you. my 6 yr old yells at me if I walk in front of the tv."

A lot were also impressed by the amount of fascinating household technology he used, as they wrote: "Forget the kid. Can we talk about this house from 2078?"

His morning routine made others feel lazy as they wrote: "This kid did more in one day than I have done all year," while another asked: "how much for the kid lol am lazy."

Another got realistic about how other kids live, saying: "Ain’t no kid actually doing that every day."

Some concerned commenters worried about the kid, saying: "Shouldn’t little man be outside playin ?"

"So much for enjoying being a kid. He will do that enough when he is older. Damn," thought another.

"Ummm…impressive but concerning…am I the only one?" voiced a worried woman.

Many seemed to agree: "That’s great and all but he is 6, he should live his childhood and not worry about household chores."

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