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UNLESS you've been living under the rock for the last few years, you will have noticed that veneers have become all the rage recently.

Sold on the idea and looking to spruce up his smile with a set of white veneers was also one bloke believed to be from Germany.

The man, better known to his fans on YouTube as DustinJOTV (@dustinjotv), shared the Before and After snaps on TikTok – but unfortunately, the reaction's slightly different to what he had hoped for.

Revealing the transformation, the video first sees what Dustin looked like after having his gnashers all filed down.

The gaps and the weirdly sharp teeth indeed made for a rather scary look – but he was quick to fix it with veneers.

Posing with a sparkly stud earring and a vinyl puffer jacket, Dustin then proceed to reveal his new smile, proudly flashing his fake teeth.

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Showing his bright veneers, the bloke turned his head so viewers could see what they looked like from all angles.

However, despite appearing pleased with the results, people on social media were less than impressed.

For the most part, it seems, TikTok fans thought the veneers looked pretty fake and too bright – some even compared them to blinding LED lights.

Writing in German, one person commented: ''it looks like chewing gum in square shape ohhh god no thanks and too bright.''

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Whilst someone else thought the teeth looked like piano keys, a third found a striking resemblance between Dustin and Jim Carrey in the 1994 hit move, The Mask.

Another chuckled at the quality, believing it looked rather poor: ''What in the wish app?''

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Dustin's not the first guy to make people chuckle at his new gnashers – earlier this year, in February, Owen McConnell took the internet by storm after buying £400 clip-on veneers.

Owen McConnell splurged £400 on a new set of pearly whites, but instead of a fresh smile he ended up looking ''like a horse''.

The Coventry-based business owner went viral on social media after sharing the beauty mishap on his TikTok, where the video's racked up millions of views.

In the short clip, Owen explained how he had waited ''for ages'' for the new teeth to be ready: "I […] paid £400 for these and I’ve texted and complained, they said they are going to sort it.”

During the review, he first tried on the bottom row of the pearly whites, describing the fit as ''sweet'' and saying there's ''nothing wrong with them''.

However, it all went downhill from there, as he clipped in the second row, which pushed out his top lip and left him struggling to speak and close his mouth.

''Are you going to tell me that these are normal?

'"They are huge, I’ve got a f*****g overbite,'' he told the audience.

The huge teeth left many in hysterics, with one viewer joking: ''Whose horse is that?"

Someone else thought: "You could enter the Grand National with them…", whilst another chuckled: ''Mouthful of headstones."

After watching the video, an expert commented: ''I’m an ex dental nurse and I can never understand why people all want to look the same.

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''Your teeth make you unique.''

A second agreed, writing: ''You literally don’t need them.''

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