It's 8.30pm and still 100 degrees out – my new buy cools my home by 15 degrees in 15 minutes | The Sun

A TATTOO artist has shared the unique way he keeps cool when it is late at night and the weather is piping hot.

He showed a buy that cools his home by 15 degrees in 15 minutes with some exercise.

The creative man refers to himself online as Young Jack Sparrow (@lemonpeppershawty) on TikTok and enjoys good vibes.

In a July 2022 video on the platform, he brought viewers into his home to show how he stays cool in the heat.

For most of the video, he filmed himself from the neck up as she spoke to the camera.

"It's f**king 8:30 p.m. in Bakersfield, and it's still 100 degrees in this b***h and the sun is out," he said.

He went on to say that he found a hack to combat the summer heat.

Then, the clip jumped to show him shirtless and pumping his heels on an Airgometer stepper exercise machine.

The young man wrote in a subtitle that it was "the best way to cool down the house."

He added in the video caption: "Airgometer stepper cooled down the house by 15 degrees in 15 minutes or less."

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Several people were fans of the innovative tip.

"Modern problems require modern solutions," a viewer commented.

The content creator replied: "Know what I’m saying. They were way ahead of their time when they made that machine."

Another TikTok user wrote: "I need one of those."

"If we get two more people, we may be able to stop global warming," the tattoo artist joked.

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