King Charles’ Surprising Job Listing May Be a Strategic Way To Cover for the Past Wage Controversy

It seems King Charles III is looking for a new employee, and this new role may be way more strategic than people may think. Not only does this role help Charles’ initiative of making the palace greener, but it may be used to cover up those bombshell records that showed how much he paid each member of staff.

In case you missed it, Buckingham Palace is hiring for a new role titled “sustainability data reporting manager.” Charles has been reportedly working to make the palace more eco-conscious, like going to more green events, donating more money, and even doing minor changes around his home.

According to the job description, “duties will include providing carbon footprint data tracking, reports, and work to improve data accuracy for all company emissions.” And it’s said that the job will have a salary of around $63,000 per year.

Salaries for members of the British royal family ranged greatly, and the family even came under fire for startling wage gaps between genders.

In a June 2023 report, there seemed to be a huge pay gap between Charles’ staff and Camilla’s staff. An over £100,000 difference, to be exact, with their personal assistants. This put the family under scrutiny for quite some time, with many alleging that they were perpetuating the gender pay gap. But now the storm seems to have settled, they seem to be ready to hire more high-profile roles with a median salary.

The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor — the Truth and the Turmoil by Tina Brown

Image: Crown

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