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YOU'VE probably been wiping down your surfaces all wrong, and they're still coated in filth because of it.

Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie explained the right way to do it and why it makes such a difference.

Posting on Instagram, she said they key to perfectly clean surfaces in your kitchen and around your home it to let the product sit for five minutes.

She explained: "If you are disinfecting your worktops, ensure you leave the product sitting on the surface for 5 minutes so it actually disinfects.

"Remember to also not over use product as it will create a residue and create smears causing you more cleaning."

A lot of cleaning products will already have the information on the label, but a lot of people presume they can spray and wipe straight away, so don't bother reading the instructions.


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Some products will suggest leaving it to sit for just 30 seconds, but other can go up to several minutes.

According to The New York Times, the contact times for different products varies so much because "It depends on which bacteria and viruses the product claims to kill.

Not only that, but if someone in your home was recently unwell and you want to disinfect an area, you actually need to clean twice.

This is because the product needs to touch to surface itself, not crumbs, grime and other think on there, they reported.

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After Lynsey shared her advice on social media, other keen cleaners couldn't believe they hadn't heard of it before.

One said: "Had an argument with hubby about this at the weekend. He thinks I’m talking nonsense. Let the product do the hard work for you and wait a few minutes."

A second wrote: "Wait I didn't know this, will do it from now on."

"I thought everyone knew this," another wrote.

And someone else commented: "It’s amazing how many people don’t or didn’t realise you need to leave some products to disinfect."

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