Usher Taps Summer Walker and 21 Savage For "Good Good"

For his second single of 2023, Usher has enlisted the expertise of 21 Savage and Summer Walker. “Good Good” sees the trio of artists each bring their individual musical finesse to the track.

Usher is wishing an ex-lover the best – in a captivatingly melodic manner – on the just-over four-minute track. “I hate that we didn’t make it to forever / Probably ain’t gettin’ back together / But that don’t mean that I can’t wish you better / We ain’t good good, but we still good,” he sings on the chorus.

While Usher delivers the first verse, Walker brings her flair to the second verse (“I wish you peace, I wish you good sex, and good sleep / Find the girl of your dreams / ‘Cause I sleep well at night knowin’ this ain’t meant to be”) and 21 takes the third (“No matter who you with, I wanna see you happy (On God) / Yeah, it didn’t work out but that don’t mean you should attack me )”. Usher and Walker’s vocals meld together seamlessly as they collaborate on the choruses.

The release of “Good Good” comes five months after the release of sultry single “GLU”, which marked Usher’s first new solo release in years. Both 21 and Walker have a history with Usher; back in April, Usher enlisted 21 (by asking him mid-performance “you like singing R&B and sh*t, right?”) for a surprise duet of “My Boo” during a show of his Las Vegas residency. As for Walker, Usher appeared on her 2019 track “Come Thru”, which samples his 1997 hit, “You Make Me Wanna.”

Stream the visualizer for “Good Good” above. “Good Good” is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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