I’m the Queen of Clean and there’s a super easy way to refresh your duvets if they won’t fit in the machine | The Sun

CLEANING your duvet is annoying but necessary chore – but what are you supposed to do if yours is too big to fit in your washing machine in the first place?

That's why Lynsey Crombie shared her tip to freshen up your duvet – no matter how big it is.

The Queen of Clean explained exactly what you need to do – and there a no pricey products involved.

Posting on social media, Lynsey explained: "Airing your duvet outside is much easier, quicker and more natural way to clean it rather than putting it in the washing machine.

"Putting your duvet outside can revitalise it in many ways. The warmth of the sunshine can help restore the bounce and fluffiness of your duvet, which can gradually fade over time."

All you need to do is hang your duvet on your washing line on a sunny day for a few hours and give it a spritz with some fabric freshener.


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Lynsey said she likes to use the Marks and Spencer fabric spray, but any brand you like will do the trick.

This well help get rid of any grim, lingering smells, without risking breaking your washing machine.

After sharing her totally free hack, other cleaning fans agreed airing out your duvet is the way to go.

One commented on the Instagram clip: "And here's me why my last two washers have broke, probably from forcing in quilts too big."

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A second agreed: "This is great, was going to take mine to the laundrette but this is a much better idea."

"Yes! Can't beat hanging it on the line," another agreed.

"I do this all year round with pillows too. Frosty, sunny days really freshen them up," someone else wrote.

And another quipped: "I've been doing this for years, works so well."

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