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THE average size of a home in the UK has shrunk and many of us will have at least one room in our home that is smaller than the rest. 

This means sometimes decorating can be a challenge.

Experts from Online-Bedrooms.co.uk have put together their top tips to create the illusion of space in snug rooms.

Hacks include trying to avoid carpet and using white as the main colour

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms said: “It can be hard to know what to do with a small room and decorating it incorrectly can often lead to the room feeling much smaller than it is and can make it feel like a bit of a wasted space. 

“Opening up a small room is all about tricking the eye and creating the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.


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“There are some decorating hacks you can do to make a small room feel bigger. The key things are to keep it simple, light and airy.”

Firstly he says to use white as the main colour.

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White is arguably the best colour for a small room.

The brightness helps blend together the walls and ceilings which can help remove the boxy feel that small rooms often have.

White is reflective and makes any room feel light and airy, perfect for opening up a small space.

Then Nic says to make sure you let in the light into the room.

Avoid carpet

When a space is well lit, it opens up the size of the room. Try to let in as much natural light as possible and ditch the curtains.

If you’re trying to make a bedroom look bigger then opt for curtains that are light in both colour and weight.

He also says to try and avoid carpet.

Carpet, and dark carpet in particular, draws the eye and the room inward so try to go for alternative flooring.

If you feel as though you really want carpet then go for a lighter colour that will reflect the light. 

Choose leggy furniture

Nic mentions to choose leggy furniture as well.

To keep the room airy you don't want pieces of block furniture.

Try opting for furniture that has legs so you can see the floor underneath the object.

Being able to see the floor gives the illusion of more space and it will help make the room feel less cramped.

Reflective materials like mirrors are a great way to give the room an enlarging effect.

The reflection of the room and the light creates depth and makes it look as though there is more space than there really is. 

Then he strongly recommends creating a bit of a pathway.

Try not to have bits of furniture scattered all over the room and aim to keep some of it clear and empty. Having a bit of a walkway will expose a lot of the floor and will open up the feel of the room. 

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And finally, avoid the clutter.

Simplicity is key to making a room feel more open and having too many things out and displayed on shelves, tables and counters will only make the room feel more filled and cramped.

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