I'm an interior whizz – my simple tip helps you banish clutter and it won't cost you anything | The Sun

AN interior whizz has shared her hack that promises to banish clutter from your home – and it won't cost you a dime.

It is so obvious you will wonder why you never thought of it before.

Certainly, Alex (@alexandriaparis) vouched for it in her post.

She should know what she is talking about.

Over 176,000 followers and another 753,000 likes follow her TikTok posts about "home and lifestyle.”

Her clutter hack was a welcome addition to her platform for many.

“If you struggle with clutter and overconsumption in your home, this one minimalist trick will help you overcome it," she promised her fans.

All it involved was simply moving items around your home.

“By moving items to a new location, it helps you to view them in a different context," she explained. "This can help you identify items that you no longer need or use."

This could result in identifying opportunities for storage that may have hitherto been overlooked.

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“As you move items around you may notice you need new storage solutions," she wrote. “Or that certain items would be better placed in a different room."

Such actions clear the mind.

“It also helps you identify items that are taking up valuable space," said Alex.

Essentially, this process leads to a re-evaluation of belongings and determines whether you really want them or not.

If you feel you don't need them, then extra space might be the deal breaker.

“As you move around your space and declutter, you may find that you’re more willing to let things go.

“Mindset shift can really change your perspective on your possessions," wrote Alex, "and inspire you to let go of the items that are no longer serving you."

She was already a fully-signed up member to her tip.

“I swear by this hack in my closet," she wrote. "Constantly moving my clothes around between seasons really helps me purge what I don’t wear.”

Commenters thought her hack was brilliant.

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“Such a great hack. So true," was the enthusiastic response of one.

“True, true, true," agreed another. "Organising cabinets and closets and decluttering gave me a sense of calm and reduced anxiety. Feels good to be organized," said this commenter in conclusion to her post.

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