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AN INTERIOR whizz has revealed eight of the biggest mistakes to avoid when styling your home.

Instead, she urged proud householders to follow her design advice to achieve a more elegant living space.

Her tips favored the 'less is more' philosophy of home styling and advocated a more stripped-back approach.

They came from Idesignholic (@idesignholic) and she should know what she is talking about.

She is first and foremost an architect but her TikTok is mainly devoted to her “DIY guide for getting a designer look.”

In this post, she listed some of the styling errors she felt needed to be addressed.

“Eight interior design mistakes you should never make and how to fix them," she said.

She used before and after images to illustrate her points.

First up was photo frames. “Don’t use too many," she said. Do a good edit, and replace with just a select few she suggested.

Next was floor coverings. “Don’t use too small rugs," she urged. To make her point, she swapped a tiny rug under a dining table with a far larger one.

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It was larger than the expanse of the table and looked far better.

When considering color palettes for your home, sit back and give it serious thought, she begged.

“Don’t paint and then think,” she said. By then it's far too late if the shading is all wrong.

To illustrate her point, she compared a room painted in turquoise next to one decorated in softer shades.

This was followed by a plea to not “neglect textures." Even the most industrial aesthetic should have the odd cushion or throw. It added interest and depth.

“Don’t ignore vertical spaces," she said next. These areas should be part of your home styling plan and offer a lot of opportunities for design ideas.

Carefully chosen blinds and curtains can make a world of difference to a room and should be part of your design plan too.

And, she said: “Don’t use curtains with incorrect size and height."

As far as color themes went, she said a monochrome look was okay, but to still mix it up a bit. “Don’t use single-color themes without variety," she said.

Finally, if you have far too much cluttering the room, take out what you don't need.

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“Don’t use too much furniture," she reminded viewers.

One commenter thought her design ideas were great: “I love your content," she gushed.

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