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CRYSTAL chandeliers and long mahogany tables may be out of your price range, but that doesn't mean you can't make your home look expensive.

And to help you out, YouTube's home hack and design ace Brittany Vasseur has shared Amazon finds that she says will make your home "bougie on a budget."

Brittany understands what it's like to want your home to feel updated and elegant.

While she has spent the money to make some improvements, Brittany has mainly used discount dupes, cheap tricks, and DIYs to give her home an expensive aesthetic.

She posted a video detailing the Amazon bargains that gave her home a luxe feel.

"Today, we're going to be bougie on a budget. First, let's talk about wainscoting," Brittany begins.


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I’m an interior design pro – how to make your home look more expensive

Square cutouts of white trimming placed on top of walls to protect them are known as wainscoting.

Brittany explains that this design tactic is commonly associated with upscale homes but can cost thousands of dollars to have in one room.

"It can be so expensive to get this professionally installed. I found out you can get the premade wainscoting panels from Amazon for under $20," she admits.

On Amazon, the Ashford Molded Classic Wainscot Wall Panel is only $14.30.

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Brittany suggests using the $14 Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty to install them because they're lightweight.

And, she notes, this method is renter-friendly because the panels can be easily removed.

Next, the design wiz suggests replacing all brand bottles with clear bottles.

This includes soap bottles, spices, shower essentials, laundry detergents, and even toothpaste.

"Taking all of your products out of the labeled, bright color bottles and putting them in uniform glass, streamline bottles, this looks so much nicer," Brittany explains.

Brittany bought a caddy organizer that holds her glass soap bottles, sponges, and brushes for her sink.

On Amazon, these can be found for under $20.

For spices, Brittany got the $16.99 AOZITA 14 Pcs Glass Spice Jars with Spice Labels and neatly labeled them.

You can't forget toothpaste, either.

Brittany says she fills a soap dispenser with three-quarters toothpaste and one-quarter mouthwash.

Six tubes fill her bottle to the amount she needs.

"You can squirt out your toothpaste onto your toothbrush. I'm sorry, I just think that's the coolest idea ever," Brittany proclaims.

"Not only does this work, but it's one of my favorite hacks ever because it's so much more convenient. It looks nicer in my bathroom, and this is going to last forever because it's six tubes of toothpaste."

Refilling your bottles into glass containers looks good, is environmentally friendly, and you can buy stuff in bulk.

Elevating the ambiance of your space can be done affordably, even with simple light adjustments or additions.

Brittany recommends using the Flickering Flameless Candles with Remote.

For $26.99, you get nine candles made from wax, but they're battery-operated.

You can dim them or make them flicker.

Brittany says one viral item will make your home feel lush.

The $45.99 portable Tabletop Outdoor Fire Pit is a must-have.

"You can really create a high-end vibe. It is cord-free and gas free. You just get ethanol from your local hardware store, light it, and you have your own little fire pit," Brittany excitedly explains.

Diffusers can have the same high-end effect as well.

Brittany found a dupe for the fancy Vitruvi one.

The VIVITEST Ceramic Diffuser is only $42.99, whereas the Vitruvi one is $123.

Brittany uses the $34.99 AromaTech Santal for Aroma Oil Scent.

"So, in my opinion, the larger throw pillows look more luxe," she continues.

Instead of paying almost $300 for one designer pillow, Brittany says she bought the $23.99 Cotton Fabric Square Pillow Inserts and put the $29.99 Blue Page Boho Throw Pillow Covers over them.

"And look, the real bougie throw pillows, you know what they have going? The karate chop," Brittany proclaims as she chops the top center of the pillow down.

For an extra lush feel, Brittany adds the $29.99 Bedsure Grey Throw Blanket to her couch.

"They're very cozy and warm. They've got that textured look to them. They look really high-end and elevate your couch," she admits.

A "huge" upgrade you can make to your home is to add custom premade curtains.

If you have children, Brittany says you need to get the $25.99 FrameWorks 10” x 12.5” Black Wooden Kid Art Frame because the frame looks expensive and is practical.

"You can store up to 40 pieces of your children's art inside and anytime you want, you can choose which picture you want to display and it looks like framed art," she says.

A small adjustment can be done to the inside of your shower.

The $5.99 Razor Holder Shaver Hook Hanger Stand is the perfect addition to your shower's organization.

Brittany heads over to her interior designer friend's home to get additional cheap decor suggestions.

Her friend Josie recommends layering details like using Amazon's fake branches and placing them in a big white vase.

For fall, you can decorate your home to be classy with the $12.95 Elanze Designs Classic White 6-inch Resin Harvest Decorative Pumpkin.

"Trays are your best friend," Josie says as she walks into her kitchen.

In the middle of her kitchen island, Josie has the $22.99 Rattan Round Serving Tray with the $31.18 Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings: A Cookbook on top.

Viewers listened and learned from Brittany and Josie.

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One excited viewer commented: "One of your BEST videos EVER!! Would love more of these! So many fantastic ideas!!"

"You're amazing, Brittany! Thank you for all these awesome suggestions. You never disappoint," another fan wrote.

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