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TURNING over a new leaf?

Want your garden to be a haven when the sun shines?

Well, there are some items you should avoid when it comes to sprucing up your outdoor space.  

Rushing out to buy the latest B&M bargain before it sells out may seem like a good idea, but once you’ve bagged all the best deals available you can be left with a mishmash of products that don’t sit well together – and, most importantly, you’re out of pocket. 

Don’t be fooled by deals you think you shouldn’t miss out on, the likelihood is that the item is drastically slashed in price because no one else has bought it and they want to get rid of them, fast. 

But you can avoid making errors when it comes to making your garden look amazing.

Whether you’re after the Love Island colourful look or are trying to recreate the grounds featured in Bridgerton, here Clemmie Fieldsend reveals what you should avoid in your garden. 

Plastic rattan

Real, wicker furniture is expensive to buy and also, if unprotected, is very susceptible to breaking and wilting when the weather inevitably turns bad. 

Man-made rattan outdoor furniture is the welcome answer that means you can rest easy knowing your furniture is out in a downpour and will last you long for less. 

However, you may think your bargain three-piece set is going to make you feel like you’re sitting in a posh pub garden, but it’s tacky.

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Woven plastic in multi-coloured, Love Island inspired deco has had its day and after a few wet days, what once was your bright red chair is now your sad looking, brown and rusty accident waiting to happen. 

Garden ornaments

Gnomes, abstract figures, fake bird baths (that's a bird bath with a plastic bird stuck on the side) or stick-on butterflies are old fashioned.

One ironic one is passable, but a litter of fake people or animals isn’t.

Think of it as if you were inside your house. You wouldn’t still have all your childhood toys out on display for when your mates come round for a wine, so why is it any different in the garden?

There is something a bit creepy about having pretend people or, well anything, dotted around your garden.

If you’re lucky enough to have garden space don’t fill it with your imaginary friends. 

Outdoor cinema

It feels like a great idea at the time and you’ll have grand expectations of sitting in your garden feeling like a Kardashian who often have lavish screening experiences. But, sadly, that isn’t the reality. 

Firstly, they’re never cinema-size and end up looking like a naff attempt at being grand that hangs outside getting worn and dirty. Secondly, the UK isn’t California. 

You can’t rely on the British weather to stay dry enough for sitting through a film – and don't even think about mentioning gazebos. 

And thirdly, the unsightly big, white canvas hanging in your back garden along with a loud film will only end in a neighbour war. And who can be doing with that?

If you do insist on getting one, do the pleasant thing and make sure you can connect your wireless headphones to the sound. 

Fake grass

Faux or fake items should be the go-to choice on many things like leather and fur.

However when it comes to your back garden everything should be real – or don’t bother.

Fake grass will always look fake, whether you have the best type that money can buy or get a good deal at Homebase. 

It's also a pain to upkeep, gets hot in the sun and is made of plastic which isn’t doing any of us any favours.

Stick to real grass, but if you can’t for lack of cash or means to grow to it then opt for large flagstone paving. Minimal effort – maximum output.


Think about it, why do you need a mirror in your garden?

If you think you need to check out how your hair is looking, surely you’re going inside. Or as the majority of people do, just look in the reflection of your phone screen. 

Contrary to popular belief, they don’t make your garden look any bigger by reflecting the mess of last year's paddling pool or that pile of leaves you keep saying you’ll sort. 

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More importantly they are dangerous.

One big gust of wind or heavy downpour and you’ll have smashed glass everywhere and a no-go area until you can guarantee that all those tiny shards of glass have been cleared away.

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