I actually enjoy cleaning my toilet – using my go-to product is the best part of the process, it's better than a brush | The Sun

A PROUD householder has admitted she actually enjoys cleaning her toilet.

She has got it down to a fine art too, crediting her go-to product as the best part of the process.

There was no standard toilet brush in her cleaning armory, however.

Her replacement tool was far better she figured.

Rue (@decorsnippets) was not alone when she admitted in her post that she "actually enjoyed cleaning the toilet."

There were over 33,000 likes to her video and many commenters confessed to a similar interest.

“I like cleaning my toilet. It’s so satisfying," said one person, while another went even further when she said it was "therapeutic."

Rue began her video with a focus on the toilet.

“So I like starting with the toilet. You need your gloves, trash can, and some cleaning spray."

She was a convert to a cleaning wand, there was no toilet brush in her bathroom.

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“This is my favorite part of the cleaning. The Clorox toilet wand is  a much cleaner way to maintain your toilet because the cleaning refills are disposable and all you need to do is disinfect the wand itself.”

Next, she moved onto the floor, using a separate set of products for cleaning the bathroom from the rest of the house.

This was followed by the shower, where she used a spin brush with a different pair of gloves.

One product she swore by was the Method Daily Shower Spray.

"This is your best friend in avoiding build-ups on your shower door," said Rue.

"Also no need to squeegee every time. It literally will clean your shower daily for you. No need to rinse either."

Her post generated a lot of interest.

“I need every tool used in this video," said one person, while another admitted they were "buying everything."

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