I'm a slim thicc mum on holiday in Turkey – trolls say I'm here for sneaky surgery, but my body's all natural | The Sun

A CURVY mum has told how people assume she's in Turkey for sneaky cosmetic surgery – when she's only enjoying a family holiday.

Sophie Mai, 32, is a midsize model and regularly sets pulses racing on social media where she boasts more than 78,000 followers (@sxphiemxi).

The mum-of-two, from Kent, is blessed with a natural hourglass figure and admits it often attracts attention.

And it even leads to judgement when she heads abroad for some sunshine.

She said: "I’m in Turkey for a holiday and the amount of people asking what I’m ‘having done’.

"I can only just manage my Botox appointments."

Before having her youngest child Sophie was obsessed with being skinny – but now embraces her naturally 'thicker' figure.

She said: "I kept seeing women on social media with similar curvy body shapes like mine and was in awe.

"I thought, well everyone loves them, and they are so confident, so I thought I have nothing to lose, and ended up posting a lingerie photo 2 weeks postpartum.

"I received the most love I’d ever had.

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"I get thousands of messages and comments a day from people in awe of my figure so I really think people finally are realising it’s normal. 

She added: "I just enjoy being confident in my own skin, and hoping other women will do the same.

"I absolutely love wearing a bikini, and dressing to compliment my curves, I do it for me."

But even wearing a bikini has got Sophie into trouble before.

The mum was dress-coded on holiday by judgy parents over her swimwear choice at the pool.

She said: "I wore a bikini on holiday with my kids last May, and someone commented that it was 'raunchy'.

"Other parents around the pool were literally giving me stares.

"It was 38 degrees for a start and the old birds around the pool had their boobs out.

"But I guess because I was young and had kids they felt it was an issue."

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