Amber Heard's Money From Johnny Depp Settlement Is FINALLY Going To Charity!

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have finally settled their differences. At least monetarily!

On Tuesday, sources with direct knowledge of the former couple’s legal battle told TMZ the Aquaman alum officially forked over the $1 million settlement she owed her ex-husband after their contentious defamation trial.

As Perezcious readers will recall, Amber was actually ordered to pay around $8 million after a jury largely sided with the Pirates of the Caribbean star following a long trial. After the verdict, though, the exes agreed on a smaller lump sum of just $1 million because the 60-year-old was never in it for the money, a confidant told People at the time.

Proving this to be true, Johnny will be sending his new funds straight to charity!

Per TMZ‘s insider, now that Johnny finally has the money, which was reportedly covered by Amber’s insurance company as part of her settlement, he is ready to distribute the cash to five charities near and dear to his heart. These include Make-A-Film Foundation, The Painted Turtle, Red Feather, Tetiaroa Society, and the Amazonia Fund Alliance. Each will earn $200K. Pretty nice!

As for why the Hollywood Vampires musician chose these organizations, Make-A-Film is similar to Make-A-Wish but grants kids’ wishes from people within the film industry (such as actors, directors, and so on). Per the source, Johnny once completed a short film with them, so he’s looking to give back even further.

Painted Turtle and Tetiaroa Society, on the other hand, are homages to two heroes of his, Paul Newman and Marlon Brando, respectively, who were instrumental in founding both charities. He hopes to continue their legacies with his donations. Lastly, Red Feather and Amazonia both work to help indigenous communities keep their culture and heritage intact over North and South America, such as by making sure they have adequate housing. These all seem like very deserving causes! It’s nice that something good is coming after this long and complicated legal mess!

It also makes sense why Johnny is so “happy” right now! On Friday, a source came forward to share how the Edward Scissorhands alum is feeling one year after his defamation trial concluded, telling People he has “moved on from last year and is happy.” They also noted how pleased he is to be enjoying being “an artist” again, adding:

“In the last year, he’s been able to touch all these different parts of his life that he hadn’t been able to do that much before because he was so busy dealing with the matters tied to the Amber trial. It’s nice for him to be an artist first and foremost.”

Meanwhile, the actress has supposedly quit the entertainment industry and is living off the grid in Spain with her daughter,‘s columnist Alison Boshoff revealed last month:

“I can reveal that Heard has quit Hollywood and quietly relocated to Spain with her young daughter Oonagh. A friend said: ‘She’s bilingual in Spanish and is happy there, raising her daughter away from all the noise.’”

Two very different approaches to moving on, but it seems they’re both doing what they need to after this upheaval! It’s also good to see Johnny put his money where his mouth is! During the trial, Amber was slammed for claiming she donated the entirety of her $7 million divorce money to charity — when, in fact, she didn’t actually do so! Good on Johnny for not doing the same! Thoughts? You know what to do in the comments (below)!

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