I’m a skint stay-at-home mum but keep my baby and myself entertained all day without spending a penny – here’s how | The Sun

A SKINT stay-at-home mum has shared the ways she keeps herself and her baby entertained all day without spending a single penny.

Sam is mum to daughter Winnie, and explained that she does everything she can not to spend any cash – as she doesn't have any.

Instead, she walks everywhere and takes advantage of local facilities, such as the library.

She took to TikTok to share a video of a typical day, as she began: "I start my day off with a cold Cola, Fago brand, because who can afford Pepsi?

"My daughter starts her day off with Cheerios and a banana egg omelette.

"Then, because we cannot afford to take random frivolous trips to Target, we go to the library.

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"And by go to the library I mean we walk to the library because we only have one car."

Sam pre-empted people telling her she could drop her husband to work and then have the car for herself as she said: "We have no money, so what would I even do with the car?

"Where would I even go? And plus a walk isn't going to kill me. I could use a damn walk."

Once they were done in the library, they went home and Sam got Winnie down for a nap – during which she managed to do some free chores.

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After lunch, potato pancakes made from leftover mashed potatoes and chicken salad made from leftover chicken breast, they went to the local supermarket with her mum.

"I know what you're thinking but no, this was still a free trip because I didn't buy anything," Sam continued.

"Then we had a free dinner because we went to grandma and grandpas and what are they going to do? Charge me a cover at the door?"

After dinner, they went home, and Winnie had a bath and went to bed, at which point Sam's husband stayed with her at home.

Sam took her dog out for a walk, "which is also free", before getting home and doing "more chores to end the night, which is free still".

"Then I made some free water, and read a free book from the library," she said.

"And lastly I gave myself a free pedicure with Aquaphor and a sock."

Sam captioned her video: "A typical day of spending for a #brokemom #sahm #fyp."

She was quickly praised for sharing the realistic video in the comments section, with one writing: "Girl u are goals!! You are influencing people to not spend frivolously.

"You are a damn influencer my Queen"

"Who’d of f**king thought…" Sam replied.

"Still not at the level I’d call myself an 'influencer' but ig these videos help show ppl u can love life w/o $$$."

"Love this! Normalise normal lives! In the same boat except we live too far to walk but we still make the best of it!" another added.

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As Sam responded: "Gah I didn’t realise how blessed I am to live walking distance to a few things!!!

"Glad to hear you’re happy w or w/o $$ too! Tysm for watching!!!"

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