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A WOMAN has shared her secret beauty hack that will take ten years off of your face.

So if you want to age gracefully, without having to fork out for Botox or expensive anti-ageing creams, you’ll need to listen up. 

Meagan, who is in her forties and describes herself as “beauty hack obsessed”, took to social media to share her ‘under-painting’ make-up routine.

Under-painting involves applying liquid contour, concealer and blusher, before your foundation, rather than after.

Doing so, according to Meagan, will instantly make your skin look flawless, knocking years off of your looks.

Posting online, Meagan shared her video with the caption ‘Flawless in a flash: 10 minute anti-aging makeup hack for women over 40!

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'Take 10 years off your face with this EASY Makeup tutorial. The anti-ageing angels are singing!’

She said: “Let me show you how I took 10 years off my face in less than 10 minutes, with this super simple make-up hack.

“Today we're going to do a little under-painting tutorial.

“This is definitely a trust the process kind of deal, because it gets kind of janky along the way.”

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Demonstrating how she applies her make-up, Meagan noted: “So I'm going to come in first of all with my Infallible L'oreal.

“Placement is everything – the old school, in the shallow, no, bump it up, girlfriend, we're working against gravity.

“Now on this one, we're working to uplift the face, so I'm gonna use the more pointed end here and blend, blend, blend.

“Once we've got her blended to about here, what I do is go ahead and just walk down some of the existing colour to warm up the side of my face.

“Trust the process.”

Meagan then added highlighter and blusher, as she continued: “So once you've got your contour in place, we brought the cheekbones higher, we gave ourselves a jawline, warmed up the outer of the face, then you're going to come in and you're going to bring in the highlighter.

“You're gonna want to place it everywhere that you want to bring light to.

“So definitely going to be the center of your face, down the bridge of your nose, right over your lip and then I also use it to then clean up that contour.

“We've got the contour, we've got the highlighter, now we're gonna take a liquid blush, I'm using this one by Rare Beauty.

“I'm gonna go ahead and put this one right here [top of cheekbones].

“Every product that we're putting, we're putting it into an upward angle."

Once the contour was complete, Meagen then added foundation over the top.

She explained: “Ok, so everything is under-painted, crazy as hell, now you're gonna take your foundation.

“I'm gonna use the Elf Flawless Satin. And you don't need a lot, you've already got some coverage going.

“I usually use probably a pump and just kind of dab it.

“I'm bouncing it gently and I'm making sure not to pull so that I'm not pulling the colour where it was deposited.”

The beauty whizz then showed off the finished look, as she continued: “Okay, so here she is, all blended.

“I love the under-painting because your colours diffuse, it's coming from underneath, so it is a really natural, subtle, lifted, contoured glow.

“I literally took 10 years off my face.” 

Meagan’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @meaganonline, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it had quickly amassed 31,500 views.

Social media users were stunned at Meagan’s tutorial and many were eager to express this in the comments.

One person said: “I want to say a huge thank you!!! I tried this out and it was incredible!!! I do it every day and feel 10 years younger.” 

Another added: “Love this tutorial.” 

A third commented: “I’m going to try this!! You make it look easy.”

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