I’m a parenting coach & this is why your child will not clean up their toys until they are 7 & how to get them to behave | The Sun

EVER been frustrated at why your child won’t tidy up after themselves? There may be a reason why this is the case. 

Parenting coach Serena, who posts on TikTok under @familythriveparenting, uploaded a video claiming that kids under seven “can’t follow instructions.”

She wrote: “Me explaining to my client that the reason their 4 year old isn’t cleaning up their toys when they’re asked is because they don’t develop the brain capacity to listen and follow directions until about age 7.”

Serena then said that there are some tricks you can do to help younger kids do things like tidy up. 

She explained: “They should use the first 7-8 years of the child’s life to teach and ‘train’ their child to cooperate and do certain things by modelling, making requests instead of demands, providing options, doing the tasks with their child and by using 5 words or less in their directions.”

Her video has racked up over 133,000 likes, and people were quick to take to the comments with their views. 

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Some parents agreed with her, with one saying: “I truly believe every parent should take some sort of class that teaches stuff like this.”

However, some disagreed with her, saying their kids follow instructions completely fine.

One wrote: “Rubbish my children knew to put away their toys by age 2.”

Another added: “I've seen 2 and 3 year olds COOKING on this app. 

“Toddlers are very smart and capable of doing all kinds of things it just takes practice and patience.”

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