I’m a mum-of-four, 40 & every inch of my body is covered in tattoos – I’m proud to show them off

A MUM of four has revealed how every inch of her body is covered in tattoos – and she's not shy about showing them off.

Donna Nipper, 40, from London, has thick black ink on her chest and stomach, as well as a floral sleeve on her arm and writing on her hands.

She even has tatts around her nipples – although one arm and her face remain untouched (for now).

Donna previously spoke of her struggles after splitting from her husband during lockdown.

She revealed: “My mental health plummeted. I was really struggling. My husband and I had split up due to the stress of lockdown, I was working loads and everything became a lot to deal with.”

Donna gained 4 stone in a matter of months and was shocked when she stepped on the scales and realised, but quit booze to get her weight back down.

The mum is now making a living on OnlyFans – where she earns a huge £200,000 a month thanks to her quirky look.

She's racking up plenty of fans on Instagram too, where she posts as @donnawildcard, who call her "so hot" and "mind-blowing".

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Meanwhile, this mum spent £14,000 transforming herself into an "edgy Barbie" with tattoos and cosmetic work.

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