I'm a mortician – why I'll never have popcorn in my house or let my kids eat it, and you shouldn't either | The Sun

A "SCARRED" mortician has explained why she doesn't let her kids eat popcorn – or even allow it in her house.

Lauren took to TikTok to post a video sharing her reasons, as she began: "If something has made my list of things I do not keep in my home, you know it is a bad one.

"In fact, giving your children popcorn is one of the quickest ways you can get a ride in an ambulance."

She added that she was also not allowed popcorn as a child because her dad worked as a paramedic for over a decade, so knew the dangers.

"Have you ever eaten popcorn?" she said.

"You know those little kernels that get stuck in your teeth?

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"That can also happen to your children.

"And those little pieces are so lightweight that they are so easily sucked up back into your oesophagus that you can aspirate on them or choke."

And even if you supervise your child while they eat popcorn – that's not enough.

"This is just a friendly reminder that no matter how much you watch your children, they can still choke on popcorn – whether you are there or not," she said.

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"And the super scary thing about it is you can’t get it out.

"Even if you remove all the kernels, the irregular shapes and dry texture of popcorn makes it super easy to get stuck."

Lauren also said that she doesn't allowed her children to eatnuts for the same reason, and ensures she always cuts up grapes to reduce the choking risk.

She concluded her video by sharing a tragic story about a young boy who had a piece of peanut on his inner lip when he went to bed – without his parents knowing – and never woke up.

"Call me the grinch," Lauren captioned her video.

"But my toddlers don’t eat popcorn. Chronicles of the Scarred Mortician continue."

"Registered nurse here," one person commented on Lauren's video.

"My kids didn’t get popcorn until they were teenagers!"

"As an adult, I rarely eat popcorn because the lightweight kernel 'shell' gets stuck in my throat making me cough uncontrollably!" another added.

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While a third wrote: "My kids aren’t allowed popcorn, grapes, or stringy cheese on pizza!

"Saved 3 kids from that choking on that cheese, gives me anxiety."

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