I’m a manager in a supermarket and customers snitch on my staff for the most ridiculous things

ONE supermarket worker has revealed that customers are constantly reporting staff to mangers for the most trivial things.

While on the job, Holly Laing says that managers have the staff's back, but customers are constantly trying to snitch on workers.

Taking to her TikTok account, the woman reenacted a situation where a customer reported a staff member to the manager.

Posting under the domain @holly_laing she said a customer went up and told the manager: "Are you the manager? one of your employees over there is just on her phone, she said her name is Holly."

The manager responded saying: "Ah OK, That will be because she's finished, so that's why she's on her phone."

The customer continued to stick her nose in, trying to get the supermarket worker in trouble.


"Well it's a bit unprofessional don't you think?" said the customer, to which the manager replied: "She is actually allowed on her phone because she is not clocked in, she's just shopping.

The customer then started trying to report the customer for "looking at her wrong."

"Well how was I supposed to know she was not clocked in?" said the customer, to which the manager responded: "I assumed she would have told you she's finished her shift?"

"Well…I don't like the way she looked at me. It was very rude" added the customer to which the manager responded "OK is that everything?"

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"I am going to make a formal complaint to head office," said the customer to which the manager responded, "be my guest."

The post has been viewed a whopping 1.5 million times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"This is one of the main reasons why we are not allowed to hang around our place of work in uniform when we are not working" commented, one person.

Another added: "The last time I worked in retail was 2003, very unsettling to know that things haven't changed."

"Do people really go out of their way whilst shopping to go through these lengths?" commented another.

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