I’m a gym girl and proud, but my parents say I’m getting too big – joke’s on them, that’s exactly what I want | The Sun

A SELF-CONFESSED ‘gym rat’ has shared the brutal reality of her parents sharing their disapproval of her “getting too big” by working out.

Baylee took up going to the gym during the Covid-19 pandemic and has never looked back. 

She now uses her social media presence to share her workout routines and is an advocate for body positivity for women who have a more muscular build. 

Despite this, her parents appear to have expressed their concerns… 

Sharing a TikTok clip of herself showing off her back muscles as she does a pull down at the gym, she wrote: “My parents telling me I’m getting too big”. 

She followed this with footage of a man raising his hand just as a wave crashes behind him, creating a dramatic scene. 


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Over this, she wrote: “My ego because that’s exactly what I want to happen,” ensuring her viewers know this is the lifestyle she loves to lead. 

“Just gonna get bigger,” she added in the caption. 

People in the comments felt seen by her video and shared their own experiences as one person wrote: ““You have man shoulders” but it lowkey hurts my feelings”.

Baylee responded: “People that don’tworkout don’t understand that having muscles is attractive & shows hard work & discipline. Take it as a compliment!” [sic] 

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A second said they had the same reaction from their own parents. They said: “This literally said for you for me,” with a sad face emoji. 

Assuring people that she feels no animosity towards her parents, @bays.fitness.acct responded: “Still love them tho,” [sic] with a heart emoji. 

Another person said she’s experienced the opposite as they revealed: “my dad says i’m not big enough lol”. [sic] 

“Prove him wrong,” Baylee replied. 

Others said they’ve grown past the negativity, with one person sharing: “The day I stopped caring what my family thought of me was the day I started feeling big”. 

While another said: “mom just told me yesterday that my back is too big and that i have to slow down … best compliment i could have receive”. [sic] 

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