I’m a gardening expert – here’s the best way to get rid of unsightly tall weeds from your lawn for free | The Sun

Tall weeds can make your lawn look ghastly.

Luckily, gardening experts have revealed their favourite tips for banishing them without spending any money.

As the summer months roll in, there's one particular weed that may pop up in your grass – crabgrass.

The weeds tend to grow when temperatures reach 13 degrees or higher and die away in the colder months leaving unsightly brown patches in your lawn.

And they can be particularly difficult to get rid of as their seeds can live in the soil for up to three years before sprouting.

Bill Pope, owner of Unlimited Lawn Care, told the Express that the first step is to maintain a healthy lawn.


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He explained: "The best course of action to take is prevention. 

“Aeration helps by removing thatch build up in your lawn, which is where crabgrass tends to grow.”

Some ways to prevent crabgrass are: aeration, mowing your lawn at a proper height, and mulching your garden.

The best time of year to dethatch your grass will depend on what type of grass you have.

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Mowing your lawn at the right height is equally important the gardening expert adds.

Bill explained that cutting it too short can damage the grass and keeping it too long and not mowing your grass enough can let weeds grow rampant.

Mulching your lawn can also help as it will suffocate the weeds and should be done in the spring and summer months.

This will prevent the weeds from germinating, but if you're garden already has lots of crabgrass prevent doing this as it can spread seeds.

The best way to get rid of crabgrass already taking over your garden is to pick them out by hand or suffocate them.

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Coulter Lewis, CEO of Sustainable Lawn Care company Sunday explained you can suffocate them by placing a brick, plate or tile over the weeds for four to six weeks to prevent them getting sunlight.

You can then remove the plant which will stop it growing or spreading more seeds.

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