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A GARDENING professional has warned householders to avoid two invasive plants they should never grow in their yards.

But he said there were far better options available that were more suited to native habitats.

The advice came from TikToker I Love Plants (@iloveplants_come).

He has over 11,000 likes on his platform, where he dispenses useful and informative gardening tips and hacks.

In this post, he urged green-fingered fans to consider the case for native plants.

“Here are five plants that I would never plant in my garden as a horticulturist," he said.

First was the Bradford pear trees: "I know they’re very common, but they’re very invasive," he explained and suggested other alternatives.

“There are better options. Redbuds and dogwoods are great replacements for Bradford pears."

Number two was the English Ivy. He acknowledged its usefulness in some situations, but try something different.

"I know it holds up your bank [but] if you do have it in your yard at least don’t let it go up trees. That’s when it sets seed and really gets into natural areas."

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Third on his list was the ever-popular privet and he had no time at all for it: "I would never plant privet in my yard.

"I know it’s a popular foundation plant on houses, but there are better alternatives," he urged.

He was very direct about what to do with it: “So many fantastic shrubs that could go in that spot. Get rid of it."

Wisteria was his next focus and he pleaded for householders to consider a native species.

“Wisteria, Chinese Wisteria. There actually is a native wisteria that doesn’t go and take over natural areas and choke out native vegetation," he said.

“Kentucky wisteria is a good option if you just insist on having those blooms."

Finally, it was the mimosa that had to go: "Mimosa trees are beautiful but they’re incredibly invasive," he said.

He rounded off his post with a plea: "It’s just not worth it to our natural areas to plant them in our yards.”

Commenters shared their own sorry woes with the plants he listed and others were surprised to learn they were not native.

“I had no clue mimosa trees were invasive. I see them all over where I live in rural Arkansas and assumed they were native," said this viewer.

“Absolutely agree regarding wisteria," was the reaction of this fan.

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One fan was struggling: “We took out a Bradford Pear and I am struggling to get anything to grow in that spot."

It was a similar tale from this homeowner: “I have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars fighting privet and wisteria that are taking over my yard from the previous neighbors.”

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