I didn’t want to fork out for rent so live in my car full time – it’s really spacious, I’ve got two pets in there too | The Sun

A WOMAN who lives in her car has revealed how she fits in everything she needs – including a cat and a dog.

The TikTok user called Stephanie, who documents her nomadic lifestyle on the social media platform, filmed a video of the inside of her Tesla.

In a post, the Canadian woman shot her "car tour" after doing a big "cleanout".

She began by introducing viewers to her dog Snowy and cat Finley, who were lounging on the grass outside the vehicle.

Next, Stephanie revealed the bedding she has for the trio, as well as where she keeps her food, water and cleaning supplies.

She also has a laundry bag and a stack of journals, as well as plenty of clothing and footwear for all weathers.


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Some of the more unusual items Stephanie has tucked away, beneath her double mattress, include a fold-down kennel and pair of ice skates.

She previously revealed that, while she is paying for a mortgage on her own home, she would prefer to live nomadically and travel.

Her post has received more than 73,000 'likes' and over 900 comments.

One person wrote: "This is a great set up for a small area and your babies look happy."

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They day she shot the clip she was doing a cleanoutCredit: Tiktok/@littlehippygal
The woman sleeps on a double mattress while she's on the roadCredit: Tiktok/@littlehippygal

Another shared: "Wow, so organised!!! Genuinely, not being sarcastic! That’s really impressive!!!"

A third joked: "This car stores more than my first apartment."

Many were intrigued by her living situation, and asked her questions about where she showers and whether it gets cold.

On the subject of where she washes, Stephanie replied: "Leisure centers, gyms, truckstops, friends houses, rivers and lakes!"

With regards to staying warm, she explained: "I go down south for most of the winter but I’ve definitely camped comfortably in -25/-30 temps! Climate control can run heat or AC."

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