I'm a 36FF and bought the viral Skims dress in XL – it's 'slightly see-through' on top but it looks ‘incredible’ | The Sun

A WOMAN who finally succumbed to temptation and tried the viral Skims dress has been described as looking "incredible" in it.

She had been privy to all the interest on social media around the much-vaunted lounge slip dress.

But the best way to give this Skims item an authentic review is to try it, and that's what this TikToker did.

Penny (@pennyfroreal) is an advocate for curvy and midsize women everywhere.

In her post, she admitted it was her turn to take part in the viral trend: “I bit the bullet and bought the Skims dress," she said.

Penny opted for the shade of onyx in a size 16 to 18, and 36FF chest measurement.

“So this is how it looks on, she said sounding pleasantly surprised. It’s very nice."

She addressed some of the online criticism regarding some apparent upper body transparency in the dress.

“It is slightly see-through, especially up top. So I think it just depends on which way the light is coming from whether you can see it or not."

For those eager to wear a bra, Penny reckoned it would be possible with this dress: "You can absolutely wear a strapless bra with this if you wanted to," she asserted.

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But not for Penny: “I'm a 36FF and I probably wouldn’t but if you do want to, it's not going to be visible from the back either, because it comes up quite high, so it would look good."

Skims, co-founded by Kim Kardashian, is a shapewear brand, that is available for women of all shapes and sizes.

For Penny, it lived up to its expectations.

"I wouldn’t say that it sucks you in and I wouldn’t say that it’s figure-hugging because it’s not doing like a suck-in thing," she said.

“It is just nicely holding everything together and in a really, really flattering way, basically."

The length of the dress could create problems, however: “Yeah, its very long. I’m 5’5” and these sandals are platformed and it’s like, still hitting the floor."

Therefore, in hindsight, she would have, “probably sized down."

In summation, Penny was a true convert.

“I just know that it’s gonna be one of those pieces that I have in my wardrobe for years. I would say that it’s worth the money and it looks very cute."

She certainly convinced viewers in her post that they needed to go out and grab their own. Others were in awe of her.

“You look incredible," said one, while another said she looked: "Stunning.”

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A new customer here: “You sold me. I’m buying.”

Finally, this fan was persuaded: “You convinced me to purchase. You look, insane girl," she said.

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