I worked at McDonald’s – 3 tips to get a fresher meal & avoid the biggest waste of money on the menu

FAST food connoisseurs are quick to share their favorite menu hacks and flavor combinations, but sometimes, you just want a classic meal.

Luckily, one McDonald's employee shared her secrets that will make your menu favorites taste better than ever.

Ashton, 19, doesn't use her last name online. During her 18 months at McDonald's, she's learned some must-know secrets about the chain.

In a TikTok video, Ashton shared her intel with millions of viewers and thousands of commenters who expressed amazement at her revelations.

First up, Ashton shared the burger you should be getting every time you have a craving.

"Quarter meat is fresh," Ashton explained. "It's in a fridge, it's not frozen, and it's cooked to order every time.


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"If you want something fresh, quarter pounder."

But if beef isn't what you crave, you can still make sure you get fresh food – though you may need to be patient, as Ashton said good things come to those who wait.

"If you don't want a quarter pounder, after 10 or 11 o'clock, everything is cooked to order," the employee explained.

"If you want something fresh, come later," she told viewers.

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The cookies at McDonald's may seem like a tasty impulse buy, but Ashton said that if you grab the pre-made treats, they might be hard as rocks.

There's a hack for that, too, and the special request is easy.

"If you want cookies, and if you want them to taste good, ask them to make them fresh," Ashton said.

"It literally takes two minutes, and they're delicious when they're fresh."

Ashton also warned customers against two major wastes of money on the McDonald's menu – a signature dessert and a drink option.

"Don't ask for extra Oreos or M&Ms in your McFlurry," Ashton said.

Many customers request extra additives because their cookies or candy collect at the bottom of the cup, but that's not the problem.

Ashton said some employees don't mix McFlurries well enough, leading to the unequal distribution in the ice cream.

Next time you go to McDonald's, just ask, "Can I have a McFlurry, but can you mix it really well?" Ashton recommended.

Finally, Ashton said a savvy customer will never buy bottled water at McDonald's.

"You can get a large cup of water for free," she revealed. "Just get that!"

Commenters were amazed by Ashton's treasure trove of knowledge.

"Being a former McDonald’s employee I am so glad to finally hear someone who is ACTUALLY CORRECT about all of these things," a fellow employee wrote.

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"We don’t put enough bits on Mcflurries," another employee confessed, contesting Ashton's point.

"I can confirm. Fresh McDonald's cookies are literally fire," one fan wrote.

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