I work at a concert venue & there’s a little known clever trick to get into any ‘sold out’ show and it’s always cheaper | The Sun

THERE’S nothing worse than gathering with your pals and refreshing each laptop in a bid to get tickets to a concert only to find that it’s completely sold out within seconds. 

Waiting months for your favourite artist to finally come somewhere near you and then being able to actually go is a pain in the best of times and devastating in the worst. 

But it turns out there’s a little known hack that could mean you can see your favourite artist after all, regardless of its ‘sold out’ status online. 

One woman, Rebekah, who works at a concert venue has unveiled the secret details of the tricks, leaving people completely mind blown. 

“I have worked in the concert/entertainment industry for a decade,” she told viewers, demonstrating her vast knowledge on the subject based on her experience.

“When a show says it is ‘sold out’, 99.9 percent of the time it is not actually literally sold out. Meaning, it does not mean that every single ticket in that building is actually sold.”

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She went on to explain that the artist that’s set to perform usually reserves a number of seats for their friends, family, agents and anyone else they might want to invite. 

Rebekah said: “So what happens is, the artist or the production, whoever is performing… 

“They take a bunch of tickets and they hold them, which means they still exist but they’re just not available for y’all to see to purchase.

“And they’re saving those tickets for whoever is on their guest list: their friends, family, agents, the support bands, the opening bands… whoever it is.” 

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She then shared the hack that will allow people to get tickets despite this hiccup in purchasing them online. 

She explained that on the day of the show, that guestlist will be narrowed down, which means the tickets will be available once more. 

However, Rebekah said they will most likely not be sold online and instead at the box office at the venue. 

“For example, Paramore just did a sold out show at my venue where I work in October, right,” she shared. “Online everything was ‘sold out’. But people lined up 24 hours in advance to go to that f*****g box office.

“They were told there were no tickets available…”

She continued: “I kid you not, 30 minutes before doors opened, the tour released 10 tickets for sale and those first 10 people in line got those f*****g tickets – they waited 24 hours in front of that box office to get those tickets.” 

TikTok user @rebekahjaee added that while it’s not guaranteed, there will most likely be a small selection of tickets that could range from a few to 30 that’ll be up for grabs. 

“It don’t hurt to ask, okay?” she added as the video came to an end. 

One person immediately asked: “Are they still regular priced? Or are they a little cheaper? Good thing to know. Thank you for sharing”. 

She replied: “they will almost always be cheaper”. 

Others shared their experience with using this hack as one person wrote: “I did this and got a floor seat for Rihanna for $50 (£40.30)”. 

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Another said: “Facts. I got paramore tickets for a “sold out” show next month. For only $70 (£56.42)”. 

While a third added: “I did this for SZA. Went to the box office 2 hrs before. Got a seat in section 104 for $100 (£80.60)”. 

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