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A WOMAN has revealed that she wore a white gown to her best friend’s wedding.

Zahne Theron, who is from Vancouver, explained that trolls thought she was “insane” and accused her of trying to sabotage her friend’s big day, but Zahne was quick to justify her outfit.

Posting on social media, Zahne confirmed that she was in fact asked by the bride to wear a white dress.

Zahne added that she was a bridesmaid for the big day and her and the others in the bridal party also wore white. 

Sharing a picture of her wearing her beautiful dress alongside the beaming bride, Zahne posted her clip with the caption ‘Don’t come for me please.’

She then explained: “I wore white to my best friend's wedding and the amount of people who thought I was insane for wearing white to my best friend's wedding.”

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Zahne added: “It was a bridesmaid's dress, okay?

“The bride picked this, okay?

“I didn't think to take pictures with the other bridesmaids. We were just so all over the place, we did not take one picture together.

“So now we have to wait till the professional photographer sends the photos for us to post, showing that we were not crazy for wearing this.

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“The amount of people who think that I intentionally did this to sabotage her wedding, it's crazy.” 

In a follow-up clip, which was posted only 15 hours ago, Zahe shared the professional pictures from her bestie’s special day. 

She said: “I literally just got these pictures, so let's look at them.

“If you don't know already, I wore white to my best friend's wedding and here are the professional photographers’ photos from the day.”

Zahne shared a photo of the bridesmaids, all of whom were wearing white dresses, as she added: “You guys were just about to freak out on me because I wore white, but it was the bridesmaids’ look.”

She then shared another picture of the bridal party, as she continued: “Here is the whole bridal crew.

“I love that she did white for the girls and the beige for the guys and then the groom wore blue. It looked so good.” 

Zahne’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @zzzahneee, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it was shared just one day ago, but has quickly gone viral and has since racked up a staggering two million views.

One person said: “I think wearing white to a wedding is beautiful. I didn’t mind.” 

Another added: “My sister wore white to my wedding, I had zero cares! My ceremony dress was ivory and my reception dress was wisteria.”

A third commented: “My bestie did the same and it threw me off. I had to ask her a million times being like ‘girl are you sure!?’ Her theme, her choice.”

At the same time, another user chimed in: “People just attack before checking facts.”

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Whilst someone else claimed: “I heard bridesmaids wear white in Spain or somewhere in South America.” 

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