I was a 'gypsy queen' brought up on London's biggest traveller site – but now I live in a house & I love gold bling

PASHY Goldsmith, who calls herself the "gypsy queen", has become a viral sensation on TikTok, thanks to her honest and open insight into the traveller community and her handy cleaning tips.

With 94.7k followers on her TikTok account, Pashy (@pashygoldsmith), who grew up on one of London's biggest traveller sites, has over 1.6million likes to her name.

She's become a fan favourite on the social media platform, thanks to her stories from her childhood, tours around her lavish home and her love of gold bling.

Pashy now lives with her husband Ray, who she first met in 2000, and their daughter in a house in Kent, but often reveals that she misses living in a trailer, like she did growing up.

Unconventional childhood

Asked about her childhood, she revealed: "I’m only living in a house because we’ve moved to Kent and we’re all grown up now.

"If I could go back in one tomorrow I would, you walk into my house it’s like walking into a trailer anyway – as children we had our freedom, it’s so much better living in a trailer than it is in these houses, my mother and father still live in a trailer now."

Proud of her culture, you can always find Pashy answering burning questions her fans may have about her traveller lifestyle.

When one fan asked if they were "right in thinking travellers don't have running water in their vans", Pashy was happy to respond.

She explained in a video: "We did have running water and toilets and showers, but we refused to use the toilets and showers because we found it unhygienic, too close to the kitchen.

"We had a shed, which you call it a washroom, with your own separate toilet and your bath and you used to have your drying and washing in the room."

She added: "When we used to stop on the farms to do fruit picking work… if we didn’t have showers on the farm we used to have a strip-wash in a bucket with a bar of soap."

Family at heart

Fans love hearing her stories and praise Pashy for being "so open" about her experiences, with one person commenting: "I love all these stories you tell. I can't wait to hear more."

If she's not talking about her childhood, Pashy is gushing about her marriage to husband of over 20 years, Ray.

"Our mothers and fathers wouldn’t let us have boyfriends and girlfriends at home, so we runned off to be together," she explains on her page.

"So in the eyes of the travellers we were married – I’ve been with him now 21 years, I’ve never looked back, I’ve had a good life, he’s my best friend."

Taste for luxury

Fans also go wild for tours of Pashy's lavish home which is dolled up to the nines in designer goods and decorated with lions fit for a palace.

From Versace rugs to Chanel kitchen decor, Pashy has blinged up ornaments covered in crystals in every room.

There's 'King' and 'Queen' signs to represent herself and Ray, with their bedroom decorated with regal cushions.

"One can never have enough shoes," Pashy declares in one video while showing off her huge shoe collection, including brand new pairs that have never been worn, and she's rarely seen without her beloved gold jewellery.

House proud, Pashy reveals that it's been instilled in her from a young age to look after her home.

Cleaning icon

And giving Mrs Hinch a run for her money, she's become something of a cleaning influencer over on TikTok with her how-to videos and love of Fabulosa cleaning products.

"I had a good woman, a Romany [traveller] bring me up the right way, how to clean up and do things properly," Pashy reveals.

"'If you can’t do a job properly my girl, don’t do it at all,' my mother’s true saying that is and that will stick with me to the day the lord takes me.

"I don’t believe in men cleaning it up, I like to do it myself."

Pashy has tips for everything from getting your windows gleaming with white vinegar and reviving your gold jewellery with toothpaste.

Digging out her huge gold hoops and impressive chains, Pashy gives fans a tutorial in how to bring it back to life again.

"I’m just going to show you how to bring up your gold and bring it back to life again, all you need is toothpaste and a toothbrush… I think it’s better, gets in all the cracks and gets it up nice," she explains.

Washing the toothpaste off in the sink, Pashy continues: "Back in the day they used to use boot polish to bring their gold up – let it soak for five minutes, put it in there with some warm water, get a dry cloth, give it a good wipe."

Pashy, who says she used to work when she was younger but now prioritises being a housewife, has built up a huge following, with many regularly seen commenting on how "relatable" they find her.

"Your heart is pure and you can see that with your love of your family, god bless you and your family," said one fan.

Another posted: "I love your videos, your home is beautiful and so are you and your family! Your ways are deffo the best ways."

A third wrote: "It's mad, I'm not a traveller but I clean just like you do and I live by the rule women at home and men do work #loveyourvideo."

Sharing Pashy's values, another agreed: "I'm not a traveller either but I look after my hubby and daughter do all the cooking/cleaning etc. I don't mind it, my job as a mum."

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