I Tried Jennifer Garner's Go-To Leggings, and I Swear My Legs Look Longer

If I had to ask a celebrity for advice regarding workout clothing, it would, without a doubt, be Jennifer Garner. Not only is she one of the celebrities seen out in leggings most often, but she's also the one who looks like she's really, seriously, wearing said leggings to run errands or to go to an exercise class. Sometimes it looks like everyone else is simply dressing for the perfect off-duty model paparazzi shot, and I just can't trust that with an item I am expected to sweat in while simultaneously feeling confident and comfortable.

And that's how my curiosity with Alo Yoga began. Garner is always spotted wearing Alo Yoga, as are Kaia Gerber and Hailey Bieber (and anyone else with six-pack abs who should consider lending them to me). The brand is also all over Instagram, and back in the days of group workout classes, I would easily see more than three girls at a time with the Alo Yoga logo on their sports bras, biker shorts, or both. 

After wearing the same few workout sets I'd grown tired of — and didn't particularly love — to exercise in my living room, I got really bored. None of them made me feel confident or comfortable, and most of them would constantly slip off or bunch up when I least expected it. They constantly reminded me how uncomfortable it is to work out in the same space you also eat, sleep, and work in. And more often than not, they'd somehow put me in a bad mood, which is exactly how you don't want to feel while doing twenty burpees just a couple of feet from your bed.

The first thing I did was throw out my low quality yoga mat that barely did anything, and in its place I got Alo Yoga's home studio set, which includes the best-selling warrior mat I'd spotted in every Instagram live workout I did. It instantly made my workout space so much more enjoyable, as the mat itself was so soft and reminiscent of the luxurious yoga mats I was obsessed with in high-end workout studios. Next, I tried to pick a pair of leggings, but I was so overwhelmed with the options and opted for a onesie instead. 


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For one, I've never owned a workout onesie, but have always loved the idea of them. Instead of having to pick out some shorts and a sports bra, you have everything built into one. As I'm trying to transform into a morning person who works out before starting her day, the thought of just throwing on a single piece to sweat in after I roll out of bed sounded ideal. And this Alo Yoga onesie had the word 'airbrush' in the title, which instantly drew me in.

Recently, I've started to see the point of splurging on workout clothing (in college I just threw on Soffe shorts and $5 t-shirts) because if you feel like you look good, it improves the whole vibe of the workout — especially if you're like me and obsess over every outfit you wear. But since workout clothing is tight, I often find myself feeling insecure in it if it doesn't fit me just right. Which is exactly why this onesie changed my life.

Apparently this onesie is a combination of Alo Yoga's best-selling sculpting bike shorts and bra tank with crisscross straps and French-cut streamlines. It's made entirely of the brand's famous sculpting signature Airbrush fabric, which promises to sculpt and smooth. Even if I wake up and feel terrible, once I put this onesie on, I feel like my best self. I swear it is so flattering, it even makes my legs look longer. 

Best of all, the onesie does not budge when I work out. I don't have to fuss with it like I normally do with every other pair of leggings I own. I barely even notice I have it on, except I always feel inclined to take a selfie in it everytime I wear it — even if my face is beet red, which I would normally never, ever do. Basically, this workout onesie unexpectedly changed my life. But once again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. My girl Jennifer Garner would never lead me astray. 

Shop Alo Yoga's super-flattering and comfortable onesie here before it sells out in more sizes.

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