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EVERYONE’S wedding may be little different but one couple went a bit too far with their racy confetti, losing their deposit in the process.

Wedding venue owner Didi Russell says that one couple’s X-rated confetti may cause them to lose their entire $1000 damage deposit.

Posting to her TikTok account @theweddingnerd has shared a number of surefire ways to lose your wedding damage deposit – with penis confetti coming in at number four.

“That’s not just regular confetti, that’s penis confetti,” says Didi, showing a photo of the ground covered in the stuff.

She continues: “Well it’s in the grounds, it’s in the gardens, all over the driveway, all over the flower beds. The venue owner and management team are going to spend hours trying to clean the bulk of this up

“But those little penises are going to be hidden everywhere, and brides-to-be in the future are going to see those and find those.”

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Referring to this confetti as “tacky garbage” Didi adds that it’s just not worth risking your entire $500-1000 deposit over.

Obviously sometimes this may be brought onto the premises, not by the happy couple themselves but by a guest – either way it’ll still be the newlyweds who lose out so Didi says to make sure your guests don’t throw this about either.

“What is wrong with people?” one commenter asked, seemingly questioning why someone would bring genital shaped confetti to a wedding anyway.

Another added: “We had a confetti balloon pop in October 2019. no lie. I found a piece of that confetti last summer.”

“When in doubt, keep it classy” wrote a third.

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And it’s not just with confetti that weddings may get a little x-rated, one commented shared their own strange wedding experience:

“Speaking of penises, we had the entire groom's party pull theirs out for a photo in front of everyone, the photographer still took the photo.”

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