I live on a boat with my man… it's freezing in the winter and we pay a fortune to wash clothes, but we have no regrets | The Sun

A WOMAN who lives on a boat with her man and their dog has shared the not so glamorous aspects people usually don't talk about.

Over the years, a growing number of people have ditched the 'traditional' homes to living in a van or on a boat – and couple Esmée and Paddy are no exception.

Since starting their 'boatlife', the two have been very open about the experience, sharing the pros and cons on TikTok.

And with winter in full force, life hasn't been exactly too glamorous.

''Temperatures dropped here, in the UK, so it's been pretty chilly on board,'' Esmée revealed in her video.

To keep warm, the young woman has had to cuddle up with the couple's pet Peggy, as Paddy's been away.

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''This morning we woke up to find that our electricity meter had run out overnight.

''This meant out heaters, dehumidifier and electric blanket weren't working, and the temperature was really -4C in the cabin.''

To start the day, Esmée finally managed to get out of bed and then immediately removed the bedding which had become damp from all the morning condensation.

After layering up, she took Peggy out for a walk and also popped into the nearby laundrette at the marina.

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''This works pretty well for us and costs about £6 per wash, which we aim to do only five or six times a month.

''Once that was sorted, I headed over to the marina office to top up our electricity card so I could get back on board, make coffee and turn the heating on – much to Peggy's delight,'' she chuckled.

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But despite the winter worries, Esmée claimed the couple loved the lifestyle.

''We have absolutely no regrets!

''It’s taking a lot of work to get it ready for a big trip, but we love living on board, even in the winter.''

The two are not the only ones to have ditched their 'normal' life for living in an unconventional home – 22-year-old Amélise Burr spend her days in a van.

After a while of saving, Amélise, from Cambridge, bought a van and transformed it using bargains and skills she had learnt along the way.

''I did this because life felt like something I was enduring rather than enjoying after my grandma died and years of having housing issues.

''So I made a tiny home that I could live anywhere in,'' she opened up on social media.

''It took 1.5 years and I built it out for under £4,000.

''I now live where I want to and can finally live how I want.

''I have next to no living costs and can spend my money on experiences and things I like.''

Since then, she's been sharing the journey on TikTok, where her life in a van has amassed her more than 192k fans.

For the 22-year-old, whose parents also live in a van, the popular social media platform is a way to encourage others ''to go against the grain''.

''Face your fears, you're not going to be on this planet for long.

''It'd be a shame to dull your light to fit in.''

The lifestyle has attracted many people online, some of whom have also wondered about Amélise's daily life.

When it comes to washing her locks, for instance, the 22-year-old Briton revealed she has to be quick.

''First of all, I switch my gas heater on,'' she demonstrated in a video.

''Takes about 15 minutes to heat up and has 8l of hot water.''

Once the water's hot enough, she starts washing her hair – but as the water is limited, she's only got four to five minutes.

''I can only do about one shampoo but it's good enough.

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''Then I put my curler in like a divine queen and just let my hair air dry.

''The struggle is very much real,'' she chuckled in the comments.

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