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A FAMILY of eight includes two parents, two daughters, and four infants that are hyper-realistic dolls – but they're treated the same as the other children.

Christina and her husband Bill are raising four fake infants alongside their two daughters.

The parents feed the babies and change diapers no different than they did when their daughters were newborns, according to a YouTube video highlighting their unique family.

Noah, Chloe, Dax, and Clare all have incredibly life-like skin and hair and are anatomically correct.

Christina said the newborn phase was her favorite with her daughters, so she wanted a way to experience that all the time.

Now, she has four "reborn baby dolls." While she's fully aware they aren't real babies, she says it's like a type of role-playing for her.

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Bill said he was hesitant at first, but after some time he came to really appreciate the dolls and enjoy the time he shares with them.

Christina admits it's a little odd, but the dolls helped her heal after experiencing a miscarriage and her mother's death.

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"I'm not equipped to face such difficult pain and loss, so for me, how I found a way to go on was these dolls," she said.

"All I could think about was how much I wanted my mom, and how much I wanted my baby."

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She says her mom would have loved the dolls and had fun partaking in the role play.

The family has a YouTube channel where they post videos of their outings with the dolls and give advice to others who have reborn dolls.

Christina even got to perform a "C-section" and witness a "live birth" of one of the reborn dolls.

A balloon-like bubble is meant to resemble the womb. Christina cuts it open to see the doll with an attached umbilical cord that's also very realistic.

"At first I was a little freaked out, to be honest with you, but now seeing the baby it's kind of cool," said Bill about the birth.

This isn't an inexpensive hobby. Dolls can go for over $10,000 depending on the detail and features.

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