I have big cherries & I've been self-conscious about my body since I was 13, failing a 'pen test' made me so embarrassed | The Sun

A BUSTY fashion fan has revealed her mortifying moment as a teenager when she failed a pen test.

She said she felt insecure about her fuller chest since she was only 13 years old after an incident at school.

Jen Warnes (@itsjenwarnes) filmed herself discussing the self-image struggle in a video on TikTok.

Jen, who wears a size 28J bra and produces videos on body shapes and the hurdles that come with a larger bust, responded to a question from a viewer.

"Did you struggle with cherry issues and body issues when you were a teenager?" read the text, with the word "cherry" being internet lingo referring to breasts.

"By the age of 13, I had convinced myself I had saggy boobs," Jen replied.

"There was this boy in my class who told everyone about this thing called the pen test.

"You put a pen or a pencil underneath your chest, and if it drops down, that means you pass the test.

"If it stays up, if your chest holds onto it, you lose. That's bad. That means you've got saggy boobs.

"And that's just so embarrassing because who would want to fail this totally made-up test by a 13-year-old boy?" she added.

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She revealed that after her fellow classmates tried out the juvenile pen test, her female classmates passed.

"All the girls come back to school the next day after trying this for themselves at home, and obviously they all pass with flying colors," she said.

"And I'm thinking: 'Yeah me, too. Just dropped down. It dropped down straight away. It had no chance of staying put. I couldn't have fit like a whole pencil case under there. No, surely not. Not me.'

"This stuck with me for so long," she added. "I was so embarrassed about it."

The video struck a chord with viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Oh my word," one wrote. "My stepmom told me my boobs were saggy. I think she was even the one to tell me the pen test. I’ve hated my breasts since."

"All these boys giving us body issues at school," another added. "I’m sure they’ve got their Karma."

"There was a rumor in my middle school that I had a boob job," said a third. "I was 12 and almost a D-cup. Middle school boys are awful."

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