I got a naughty lip tattoo thinking no one would ever see it – but I have to apologise every time I go to the dentist

GOING to the dentist can be a traumatic experience for many people.

But the appointment is all the more hard to deal with for Joanie Sprague, who has to apologise to the dentist before they've even done any work on her teeth.

In response to the question "what’s a mistake you learned the hard way that you can now help others avoid?", Joanie said: "Do not get a lip tattoo inside your lip, thinking that, ‘Oh it’s going to go away,’ because guess what, it might not."

"I’ve had a very bad word inside my mouth now for over 12 years and it is not going anywhere," she continued.

"So every dentist that I go to, I have to apologise in advance for what they’re about to see."

Model turned carpenter Joanie – who came second on America's Next Top Model back in 2006 – then pulled her bottom lip down to reveal the inking, which reads "F**k you."

The comments section were quickly flooded with remarks from people who admitted they hadn't even thought about going to the dentist with such an inking.

"The fact that it wouldn’t fade doesn’t bother me… but my dentist seeing it??!!?? That might change things," one person wrote.

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"OMG STOP SAMMEEEE I got 'daddy' as a joke thinking it would fade. Nope. Not even years later. I the dentist is the worse," another person added.

"Oh no, I never thought of the dentist," someone else commented.

"I’ve had M O I S T written in my lip for a few years now," another lady added. "Not going anywhere. Always have to say sorry at the dentist."

Someone else said that while she'd been told by her tattoo artist that her lip inking would last for a maximum of two years, it's been seven years and it's going nowhere.

Another person suggested that Joanie could "chew it off" if she no longer wanted the tattoo, to which she replied: "I've tried, it's really in there!"

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