I got a cute matching tattoo on vacation with my bestie – two weeks later, I was left with something totally different | The Sun

MANY vacationers enjoy a souvenir while on holiday, but one woman has shared her experience which is better off forgotten.

She got matching tattoos with her bestie, but they looked completely different after two weeks.

Abby (@xabby.bx) showed herself after the ink in a video posted to TikTok.

"Here's why not to get a tattoo on holiday," read the text on the screen.

She showed herself in the tattoo parlor with friends.

"Matchy matchy," she said.

However, she prefaced that the ink wasn't all she hoped it would be.

"Just wait," she added.

Next, she showed the tattoo as time progressed and how it looked remarkably different.

"Two weeks later it faded and left squiggles."

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She described the now faded tattoo as being her "first ever," adding to the disappointment.

"Short story of my first ever tattoo," she said. "Now left with squiggles for life."

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Because of the sun you should have had it done the last day," one wrote.

"I did," Abby replied.

"I got this exact tattoo on holiday too," another said.

"It’s such a basic holiday tattoo," Abby wrote back.

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