I flew to Turkey & came back feeling more insecure than before, they did my hair & nails but it made me feel WORSE | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that a holiday in Turkey made her feel more insecure than ever before. 

Gats, who goes by the name of gatsways on TikTok, shared her story to her thousands of followers in a video which has been viewed nearly 400k times. 

She explains that even after receiving her beauty treatments, she felt worse about her looks. 

Gats says that many beauticians will target people on the strip, commenting on their looks and saying how things can be improved. 

In the video, she says: “Guys I just came back from Turkey and I feel even more insecure than when I went there.” 

“As I was walking down the strip everyday there were hairdressers coming out of salons and coming up to me. 

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“They’d be like ‘do you want your hair done?’ and I’d be like ‘no thank you’ and they would be like ‘oh can we just touch your hair’. 

“I would say ‘sure’ and they would touch my hair and be like ‘no your hair really needs to be done, we can do it, we can fix your hair.’ 

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“And I was like ‘no honestly it’s fine, I’m going home anyway the next day, I don’t need it done.’ 

“Then they looked down at my nails and just be like ‘your nails are really bad, they need to be done, you can’t walk around with nails like this.’ 

“And I was thinking ‘ oh God I didn’t know they were that bad.’ 

“So there was one salon that looked really good when I was walking past it, and they did the same thing.

“I was like ‘ok, I’ll just get my hair done. I'm here now, I might as well.’

“So I went down and sat down in the chair and they were talking to me about it, and then obviously at some point they were looking at my nails and they were like ‘your nails are so bad’ and they were like ‘we have a lady downstairs, she can do your nails while we do your hair’. 

‘Your eyebrows are really hairy, I can thread them for you'

“And I was like ‘no it's fine, honestly thank you though.’ 

“Then they have actually forced me to go downstairs, took my towel off and took me downstairs. 

“They were like ‘show the lady, show her your nails.’ 

“Then she laughed at my nails and she was like ‘no you should get them done’.

“And I was like no ‘it’s OK, I’m going home tomorrow I will just get them done there.’ 

“So I go upstairs and I’m getting my hair done, and this other guy comes up to me and says ‘your eyebrows are really hairy, I can thread them for you.’ 

“Listen, I am back home now, and I ripped all my nails off because I felt so insecure.

“I feel like s**t. I know it's Turkey and they are just trying to make money off me but I actually feel so insecure now.”

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their opinions, with some people even explaining the same experience.

One wrote: “Listen when I go back and I'm there speaking English to my brother they try the same with me, but when I reply to them in Turkish they leave me alone.

“It’s defo not you, I'm sure your nails weren’t bad, they just try to drag in tourists as customers because they’re easier to scam.”

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Another added: “I went to turkey they told me I needed a treatment on my hair and proceeded to rip a chunk out to prove it”

A third said: “Not my favourite place at all , the constant approaching makes your so uncomfortable.”

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