Glam NHS nurse viciously trolled for wearing fake eyelashes on shift but hits back in the best way

A GLAMOROUS NHS nurse has hit back at trolls who criticised her for wearing false eyelashes at work.

Kade took to TikTok where she shared some of the cruel comments she had about her appearance.

In the comment, the TikTok user complained that “fake eyelashes, nails and nail polish should not be worn.”

Responding to the comment, Kade says: “Apparently I’m wearing fake nails, nail polish and eyelashes and apparently you’re not allowed them.”

Sharing an image of her in her NHS uniform, Kade continues: “Please tell me where you can see nails and nailpolish on them fingertips.

“As for my eyelashes please find me in the NHS where it says you can not where eyelashes – please.

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“I’ve worked for the NHS off and on for over seven years and I have never once been told about my eyelashes.”

The video has since received over 413 likes and dozens of comments from followers offering words of support for Kade.

One wrote: “You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to anyone love.”

“Why do ppl think it’s ok to attack other people’s appearance, I don’t understand some ppl” agreed another.

A third added: “Why can’t people just leave you alone! You doing your bit towards helping this country in this pandemic.”

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