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THEY say it’s always five o’clock somewhere – and it turns out there ARE specific times when we should be cracking open the booze.

While a survey has discovered that beer tastes better at 6pm and in the great outdoors, alcohol experts say choosing your tipple to match the time isn’t just a case of taste.

“Lifestyle, preference and social norms often dictate when we consume alcohol, but understanding the physiological processes at play can offer a new perspective,” says Dr Veronika Matutyte.

“The best time to drink any alcoholic beverage can be influenced by metabolic rates, circadian rhythms and even the nutritional content.”

We bring you the optimum time of day or evening to pour a glass of the good stuff, sit back and enjoy, with any tipple from Aperol Spritz to Whisky . . . 

07:00 – RED WINE

HOW do you like your eggs? Whether scrambled or fried, serve with a glass of red wine.


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A sip first thing can release chemicals that calm the body, so you can start with less stress.

Just don’t make a habit of it, or do it if you drive to work.

Drinks expert Helena Nicklin says: “A little red wine is good for your heart thanks to resveratrol, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It helps boost the circulation, too.

“Alcohol is softened by food, so eggs balance it up.”

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Cocktails are best consumed when your insulin sensitivity is at its peak – usually between 1pm and 3pmCredit: Getty

OFTEN filled with syrups, juices and bitters, cocktails can have high sugar levels.

Dr Matutyte says: “Consume these when your insulin sensitivity is at its peak.

“For most people, this is in the early afternoon, between 1pm and 3pm.

“When your insulin sensitivity peaks, your body is better able to handle the sugar load, reducing the risk of an energy crash later on.”

You can also help offset the effects by serving cocktails 30 to 60 minutes before a meal, so the drink can be fully digested.


THERE’S a reason Italians enjoy this tipple at aperitivo hour, just before their evening meal.

The drink acts as a stomach settler, helping to stimulate the appetite and get your body ready for the food coming its way.

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Aperol launched a campaign to unite its fans across the globe when we couldn’t enjoy drinks in person, calling on people to “Spritz at 6”.

Helena says: “6pm is the perfect time for an Aperol Spritz as, like other bitters including Campari, it will promote digestion — so it’s the perfect before-dinner treat.”

19:00 – GIN & TONIC

EVERYONE loves Gin O’Clock, but according to survey site Pulsar, the optimum time to add ice and a slice is 7pm.

It analysed two million conversations about the beloved spirit on blogs and social media to find out the prime time.

It’s not just because we like to unwind with a G&T after work.

Helena says: “It had a reputation as an early evening treat thanks to its history of being drunk in India by the British colonials when the mosquitos came out. They believed the quinine in tonic would repel the insects.

“Which makes it perfect for this week’s hot weather.”


MANY of us avoid caffeine in the evening but experts say this cold cocktail made with espresso, coffee liqueur and vodka is perfect for drinking after dinner.

Director of The Cocktail Co, Abby Matthews, says: “Despite many believing it will keep you up at night, the best time to enjoy one is after dinner as a digestif.

“That’s because the coffee and coffee liqueur can aid your digestion after a big meal.

“Just make sure not to have your espresso martini too late, or have too many, otherwise you may struggle to drift off.”

21:00 – VODKA

AS a clear, distilled beverage without any sugar, vodka plays less havoc with your sleep than other tipples, providing you drink it in moderation.

Clinical nutritionist Dr Evelina Sabonaityte says: “If you’re concerned about blood sugar spikes, consider having spirits that are lower in sugar and carbs.

“Vodka, when consumed straight and in moderation, tends to have less impact on blood sugar compared to cocktails laden with sugary mixers.

“It’s best to consume these after a balanced meal, around 7pm to 9pm, when your blood sugar will be more stable.”

21:30 – TEQUILA

THIS famed Mexican drink made from agave nectar might relax your mood, but it will speed up your digestion.

Drinking it before a meal can boost your metabolism while an after-dinner shot can help after a big meal.

The drink’s high levels of inulin prompts the gut to grow good bacteria, improving digestion.

Walter Pintus, mixologist at London’s Shoreditch Arts Club, says: “Tequila is best after 9pm as it relaxes the body and mind. Choose a good quality or a cocktail such as Jaliscan Tea with Patron Silver.”


IT is no coincidence that these drinks are the traditional choice for a night cap.

They have a host of health benefits, from lowering your risk of heart disease to helping with digestion and even relieving cold and flu symptoms.

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Dr Matutyte says: “These spirits can stimulate the release of digestive enzymes, aiding in post-meal digestion when consumed in moderation.

“On a physiological level, consuming these high-proof spirits when your liver enzymes are at their peak efficiency – between 6pm and 10pm – can be advantageous.”

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