If you don't like turkey, you're doing it wrong – my $6 Thanksgiving hack will make sure it's more flavorful and juicy | The Sun

A VIVACIOUS chef has shared his trick to make your Thanksgiving turkey even more tasty.

He detailed that you may be cooking your turkey wrong and his $6 holiday hack might be the key to making it more juicy.

Chef Joni Blackstone (@joniblackstone) shares food-related tips and tricks that elevate even the simplest of meals.

In a TikTok video, he showed viewers a budget-friendly and easy way to brine your Thanksgiving turkey and make it the star of the dinner.

He said at the start of the video: "You want to guarantee the perfect turkey for your family this year? Do not skip this step."

In the video, he used the Fire & Flavor Cajun Turkey Perfect Brine Kit, $10.92 on Amazon.

Sam's Club currently offers a Kinder's Butcher’s Turkey Brine Kit, $5.92, that he also recommended.

To start off, he boiled four quarts of water to make the brine.

"And that way, while we prep the Turkey, this has enough time to cool off, so that we don't have to wait on it," Joni explained.

Next, he added a cup of sugar and the brine mix into the water.

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Once the mixture is fully dissolved, that's how you know it's done.

As he let it cool, he took out two "young turkeys" that were about 8 pounds.

Once you get it out of the plastic packaging, there should be something inside that has the gizzards, the neck, and sometimes, a little plastic piece that holds the turkey together.

It's important to make sure everything is out of it before you move on to the next step.

Then, place tour turkeys into the bag, breast side down, because they're ready for the brine.

"Once your brine is nice and cool, we're gonna dump it onto the turkeys. And then you just wanna make sure that your Turkey is completely covered in the brine," Joni said.

If you need to fill the bag with excess water, do so before sealing it without any excess air inside.

Lastly, he set it aside to sit overnight in the solution.

There's a specific reason why Joni believes it's important to brine your turkey.

"This is to season the inside of the turkey. What that's gonna do is make sure that you have a nice, even flavor all the way through, but it's also gonna prevent dry turkey," he explained.

The popular chef also joked in the video caption: "Take a shot every time I say turkey."

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