Desperate mum begs for help with her seven-year-old’s maths homework… and even a PROFESSOR can’t understand it

A MUM has asked for help over her seven-year-old son’s maths homework after it completely baffled her – and a bloke with a maths PhD. 

Teresa Hopper shared a snap of her seven-year-old’s schoolwork to Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips and Tricks, after it left her scratching her head.

The mum said the homework has never been that hard before, which is why she turned to the internet for help. 

Alongside a snap of the problem, she wrote: “I hate homework. Please help!

“Is the answer to a) & b) the same or am I missing something?!” 

The tricky question is as follows: “Karla says: “I have three hundreds counters, 17 tens counters and 16 ones counters.

“a) Can she make two equal three-digit numbers? If so, draw the counters to show them.

“ b) Can she make two equal three-digit numbers if she had to use all her counters? If so, draw the counters to show them.”

While it may seem straight forward, numerous people claimed they too couldn’t figure out the answer.

Commenting on the problem, one person said: “I have a PhD in maths, and I have no idea what this question is asking.

I certainly didn't expect it to be so difficult

“Unless there’s a diagram to go with it, or more explanation somewhere else.” 

Someone else asked: “How old is this homework meant for?”

A third wrote: “Clearly not for a 40 year old woman, I’m lost.” 

While another added: “I’m 45 and i can’t work it out lol.” 

Teresa confirmed to Fabulous Digital they got it right in the end, sharing a snap of the answer, which she wrote as 172 for a, and 243 for b. 

She said: “I did and the teacher has marked it as correct! 

“I certainly didn't expect it to be so difficult.”

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