Topps x MetaZoo Sell 50,000 Packs of Cryptid Nation "Series 0" in Record Time

The Topps x MetaZoo Cryptid Nation Series 0 pack has sold out in record time.

Not even close to the October 14 expiration date on the Topps online store, the online exclusive sold out in a few hours, and not without several hiccups on the site. This frenzy is a testament to the TCG‘s fanbase — moving from kickstart to an official Topps collaboration in a matter of months.

The Series 0 pack channels the 70 Beasties from MetaZoo’s first release, scenes from the MetaZoo story, and creator caster cards. Each pack contains 30 cards — 25 Beasties (16 Bronze, 5 Silver, and 4 Gold), four lore cards, and one foil border parallel. MetaZoo creator, Michael Waddel, has since confirmed that all 50,000 boxes have sold out and the team is already working on Series 1. The Series 0 Topps x MetaZoo pack retailed for $50 USD and is now reselling for close to four times its retail price.

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