Sofía Vergara's Friends Finally Share Her Side to the Story About the End of Her Marriage to Joe Manganiello & It's Much Different Than We Expected

When an A-list couple splits, both sides usually get their friends talking to the press so they each get the word out about why a divorce is happening. With Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s breakup, fans have only heard his side of the story — until now.

The Modern Family star’s pals are now sharing what they believe went wrong in the seven-year marriage, and it’s much different from Manganiello’s desire to have kids. A Vergara source shared a less-than-flattering view of the True Blood star with Page Six. “Sofia’s living her best life,” they said. “She’s spending time with her friends after being stifled in a relationship with a largely unsupportive partner.” Ouch! If that low blow wasn’t enough, the insider added, “Sofía was always there to take care of Joe, while his career was never what it was when they met. I think he’s been threatened by her success and joie de vivre.”

Manganiello’s friends seemed to paint a more sympathetic view of a man who wanted to start a family with Vergara, but she was opposed to the idea. They also indicated she wasn’t supportive enough of his sobriety journey either, but a pal who isn’t taking sides in the divorce disputed that hot take. “Joe is fully secure and at one with his sobriety, and while sobriety is a continuous practice, his ongoing commitment to being sober was never in any way threatened by being married to someone who drinks responsibly,” the second source explained. “It’s a pathetic attempt to come up with an excuse.”

If we read between the lines in this situation, it seems like this is a less-than-amicable divorce. It doesn’t matter what the official statement says, marriages in the public eye aren’t easy and the battle is often fought in the court of public opinion. Let’s hope Vergara and Manganiello find a path to peace as they go their separate ways.

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