Samsung Releases Protective "Anycall" Case for Its Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung is bringing back its Lee Hyori-backed Anycall phone from the early 2000s. While not exactly the phone, the SGH-E700 and the SGH-T100 will be reimagined in Galaxy Buds Pro form.

Announced with a number of Galaxy S21 and new 5G phones, these new earphones feature Samsung’s noise-canceling technology that blocks out 99 percent of external noise and is equipped with an AKG-tuned 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter. The charging cases will be available with a protective case that nostalgically pays tribute to the retro clamshell cell phone. Those interested will have to have someone from South Korea purchase these as they are only available a select locations from now until January 31.

In other tech news, Nvidia says its new mobile graphics cards will outperform the PlayStation 5’s.
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