'RAYKA' Is an FPS That Lets You Shoot Eight Guns at the Same Time

If you’ve ever felt like dual-wielding and going akimbo just didn’t quite cut it, you’re now in luck: RAYKA is a new game that’ll let you shoot a whopping eight guns simultaneously.

Developed by Voxel during the ninth Kajam game jam event, RAYKA is an FPS game inspired by classic shooters like DOOM, giving you that retro pixelated experience as you fight your way down hallways and clear rooms of enemies. Unlike other conventional games, however, RAYKA doesn’t reward you with better weapons as you progress the levels — instead, you unlock more pistols you can shoot with, going from a single pistol to dual-wielding to somehow holding three of them and ultimately ending up with eight pistols all firing at the same time.

For those interested, RAYKA is now completely free to play and download over on itch.io. Check out the gameplay video above now.

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