Prince William Reportedly Wants To Change This Aspect of the Monarchy Like Princess Diana

Settling into his new role as the Prince of Wales, Prince William is taking on a new string of responsibilities on behalf of the royal family. Along with his own endeavors, the royal also acts as a conduit between the public and the House of Windsor. And it’s this task that’s motivated him to take a leaf out of his mother Princess Diana’s book, according to one royal expert.

The Prince of Wales is now one of the most public-facing members of the royal family and, as such, William wants to make the monarchy far more accessible to the public. “He knows, and has publicly said, that it it is his job to keep the monarchy relevant in modern society,” royal correspondent Jennie Bond recently told OK! Magazine via Marie Claire. “Diana told me she thought the monarchy was too distant and too inaccessible and that she wanted to change it. William is doing his best to achieve that.”

Indeed, Diana’s influence on William is being felt more than ever these days. The Prince of Wales is also continuing his mother’s work by focusing on one of her most important causes: homelessness and displacement. It’s clear from this insider, however, that Diana’s impact on her eldest son extends well beyond cause-driven work.

William is his mother’s son in so many ways, not least of which is his ability to connect with the public. We’re sure it’s a quality he and his brother Prince Harry picked up from watching their mother interact and form connections with people over the years. There’s no better way to honor her legacy than by continuing to have the same humble approach to royal life.

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