Panic: Is Carp a Real Town in Texas? Here's Where Filming Actually Took Place

If you’re in need of a new teen-centric series to binge-watch while you’re waiting for Outer Banks to return, then Panic may be for you. Adapted from Lauren Oliver’s bestselling novel of the same name, the Amazon Prime Video series takes place in Carp, TX, following a group of recent high-school grads as they participate in their town’s legendary (and deadly) annual games. Unlike Outer Banks, the series isn’t actually based in a real place — and in fact, the fictional town of Carp is located in a totally different state in Oliver’s book.

During a June interview with CBR, Oliver explained why she decided to change Carp’s location from Upstate New York to Texas for the TV adaptation. According to her, they started to film the pilot in Upstate New York back in 2018, but they ended up having to shut down production due to terrible weather. That’s when they decided to move production to Texas. “There was tornadoes. There were thunderstorms. We got shut down. We only filmed half the pilot. So it was a never-again situation,” she explained. “So when we moved to Texas . . . I really wanted to bring in the Texas of it, because Texas . . . really has its own culture and flavor.”

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